Javier: Widening My Perspective on Google’s Supply Chain

We are excited to continue to share learner stories from the MITx Supply Chain Management MicroMasters program that demonstrate how MicroMasters programs are helping people improve their lives and advance their careers.

Today, Javier, a learner from Seattle, Washington, explains how the Supply Chain Management MicroMasters program has helped him gain a new and renewed perspective on his work as a member of Google’s Supply Chain Engineering team.

When I first joined Google’s Supply Chain Engineering team, I knew very little about the domain, as my background is in search and ads. It was hard to find good resources that were general enough for someone who just started working in the area, but also concrete enough to be useful in day-to-day work.

The MIT Supply Chain Management MicroMasters courses at edX filled that role perfectly for me. The courses didn’t assume previous experience in supply chain management. Concepts were explained in ways that were accessible to beginners, but the material also goes down to a level of detail where it’s directly applicable to my career. I especially remember the material requirements planning (MRP) lessons in the Supply Chain Design course, with step-by-step traces of the planning algorithms, which were really insightful to understand all the details of how MRP works in a real life environment.

I initially found out about the courses by browsing through the edX website, looking for new interesting topics. I had done a few other online courses before, so I was familiar with the format, but I was very impressed with the quality of the material. Including notes, documents, multiple versions of the presentations, spreadsheets with exercises and more. The latest instances of the course also have live hangouts, which I think is a fantastic idea to foster an active community.

I also found that the format of the course, with practice problems and weekly deadlines for graded assignments, makes it easier to complete the program end to end. I have a very demanding day-to-day job, so if I were learning from books or other traditional resources it would have been too easy to leave them aside.

For me personally, the timing of the Supply Chain Design course was great. The first instance of the Supply Chain Fundamentals course started right after I joined the Supply Chain Engineering team at Google.

The material is useful every single day, and has helped me become very effective in a leadership role; in particular, the courses have helped me to work seamlessly with others who have more traditional supply chain backgrounds.

I’m looking forward to the latest two courses of the Supply Chain Management series, and finishing the MicroMasters program. I think the program gives a very well rounded education in supply chain, which I would definitely recommend.

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