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Improve Your Math Skills with 5 Free Online Courses

It’s always a good time to work on your math skills. Developing the technical side of your brain through practice problem solving will help you in so many situations throughout your life, including taking college entrance exams, applying for jobs, getting a mortgage on a home or even doing your taxes. Working through math problems, playing math games and using math worksheets develops your critical thinking ability and increases your capacity for solving complex problems, math or otherwise. Excellent math skills open doors to careers in exciting fields such as data science and analytics, computer programming, artificial intelligence and much more. Check out these 5 great online math courses to get your brain on the exercise bike and visit edX to find additional math courses for learners at all levels.

1. Precalculus (ASUx)

ASUx Precalculus, edX, www.edx.org, Enroll NowImprove your performance in future calculus courses with an online pre-calculus course from Arizona State University. This credit-eligible course focuses on quantitative reasoning and the application of functions, familiarizing students with key concepts needed for future college-level calculus courses. Audit the course for free or apply to earn 3 hours of course credit from ASU.

2. College Algebra and Problem Solving (ASUx)

Credit-Eligible, ASUx MAT117, College Algebra and Problem Solving, edX, www.edx.org, Click to Enroll NowAlgebra is the essential starting point in the study of mathematics. In this introductory college-level algebra course from Arizona State University, students learn how to apply algebraic reasoning to solve a wide range of problems and prepare for advanced math courses in calculus and more. Students in this personalized, self-paced course will be instructed on the topics they are most ready to learn while also receiving individualized coaching as you move through each topic. Additionally, students enrolled on the ID Verified Track are eligible to purchase college credit after passing the course with a C or better.

3. Introduction to Geometry (SchoolYourself)

Verified, SchoolYourself, GeometryX, Introduction to Geometry, edX, www.edx.org, Click to Enroll NowGet introduced to angles and learn how to prove geometric theorems. Calculate the areas of circles, polygons, triangles and other shapes. Geometry is a fun and exciting area of mathematics that is integral to so many professions including architecture, engineering, graphic design and computer animation. Learn to think in terms of lines, planes and volumes in this free self-paced course.

4. Pre-University Calculus (DelftX)

DelftX Calc001x, Pre-University Calculus, edX, www.edx.org, Click to Enroll NowGet yourself fully prepared for freshman-level calculus with this course that covers functions, equations and more. This six-week course is designed to take you through the fundamentals of calculus, whether for the first time or as a refresher from your high school math courses, to help you make a confident transition to a college-level course. The course is free, starts on June 27th and is the perfect summer course for college-bound students.

5. Discovery Precalculus: A Creative and Connected Approach (UTAustinX)

Verified, UTAustinX UT.PreC10.02x, Discovery Precalculus: A Creative and Connected Approach, edX, www.edx.org, Enroll NowGo further in your preparation for college-level calculus with this comprehensive precalculus course from the University of Texas at Austin. Go beyond the mechanics of working through problems and understand the logic behind the solutions. Build on your knowledge of functions and graphs from high school algebra and geometry and be fully prepared to take on your freshman calculus course.

Take your math skills even further. Find current and upcoming online math courses from top universities at edx.org.