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Port Harcourt, Nigeria | 27

I live in Nigeria where I am preparing to get my Masters in Economics. I recently took the Challenges of Global Poverty from MITx and think that edX is one the best things that has happened to the internet.

I found out about edX on my Yahoo messenger page, which I thought was a fraud at first because I thought there was no way in the world these universities will be offering free courses.

I want to become a Development Economist, and I am using edX courses to pump up my knowledge base in this field. EdX has helped me tremendously. I believe taking this particular course on Global Poverty has given me a preamble to what I will be learning at my Masters level. I see edX playing a huge role in my career in the sense that it will give me the opportunity to gain more knowledge on topics related to my career.

I have a particular interest in world poverty, and believe that edX can play a major role in helping to end it. I think more universities should be encouraged to join the program as part of their contribution to ending global poverty. I say this because I believe that poverty is more of a knowledge problem than a situational problem.

My courses are a badge of honor. I can confidently tell people that I have taken or I am taking the courses from world-class universities – mentioning that alone is an opportunity!

EdX is proving that quality education has no walls or boundaries.