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This week on edX, learn the basics of credit risk, explore how objects tell compelling stories, understand the ethical dilemmas we face at every meal, or dive into your first statistics course. Check out the courses starting this week!

The Art of Teaching – GEMSx – April 13, 2015
Teachers are the most important fighters in the battle to make opportunity more equal. They give children the tools by which they can become authors of their own life story and builders of a better world. This introductory course explores the “how” of teaching, and aims to improve teachers’ methodology through practical, research-based solutions. 

An Introduction to Credit Risk Management – DelftX – April 14, 2015
What are credit ratings? How can we quantify the probability of default of a company? What is revenue-at-risk? Learn what credit risk is, how to assess it, and how to hedge it. Learn innovative concepts of credit risk management, and also gain an understanding of how these concepts can be used in practice and everyday life.

The Search for Vernacular Architecture of Asia, Part 1 – HKUx – April 14, 2015
How observant are you of the environment you live in? Have you ever come across a building that looks rather ordinary, and yet you are fascinated by the story behind it? This course will give you multiple perspectives on vernacular environments, with an emphasis on the building heritage of Asia. Ultimately, the course will change the way you see the environment in which you live. 

The Ethics of Eating – CornellX – April 15, 2015
Deciding what to eat and understanding how to eat ethically can be very challenging. Most of us are unequipped- and too hungry- to think through the issues. This fun and thought-provoking course explores some of the ethical frameworks that help us process all of that empirical, sociological and political information surrounding the way we purchase, cook, and eat food!

Introduction to Bioethics – GeorgetownX – April 15, 2015
Are performance enhancing drugs cheating? What do drug companies owe to the world’s poor? Wherever you live, these are issues that affect all of us. Bioethics explores challenging moral issues in health care, the environment and emerging technologies. From century old issues to new ones brought on by technological advances, this course delves into the hot topics within the field.

I “Heart” Stats – NotreDameX – April 15, 2015
Many people find statistics confusing and opaque. Symbols and Greek letters, complicated formulas, numbers and charts that don’t seem to mean anything can make this field feel overwhelming. This course demonstrates how stats can help you out in everyday life. From figuring out what products to use, to making sense of large amounts of data, stats can be your new best friend.

Objects That Define America – SmithsonianX – April 15, 2015
How can you unearth the stories behind a country’s rich history? Many of the objects that define America’s identity have a deeper story to tell. Objects have an amazing ability to connect us to history in a powerful, emotional and visceral ways. This course examines America’s history from a unique perspective through iconic and symbolic objects.

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