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EdX has had the honor of attending SXSWedu the last two years. In 2013, our edX CEO Anant Agarwal was featured in a keynote conversation and discussed the evolution of online education. Last year, Anant spoke with students about their MOOC experiences: how they prefer to learn, and how MOOCs, edX and blended learning are impacting their lives and meeting their needs.

SXSWedu 2015 promises to be even bigger and more exciting for the education community. This year, we’ve proposed a panel to examine how MOOCs are uniting the world through education by taking an in-depth look at how regions in the Middle East are using online education in new and innovative ways.

Our proposed SXSWedu 2015 panel, How do you say “MOOC” in Arabic?, will highlight edX collaborations in the Middle East, and how these collaborations are helping to transform lives through increased access to education and job training. The panel will report on a first-of-its-kind MOOC pilot program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Saudi women, youth, people with disabilities, and citizens in rural communities that will bridge the education and skills gap in the region. The panel will also cover how the open-source movement and philosophy are critical in these efforts to break through globally, and how they help drive economic development.

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By Rachel Lapal, edX Communications Manager

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