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Fall in love with learning this Valentine’s Day. 

Looking for something special this Valentine’s Day? The gift of learning lasts a lifetime. At edX, our mission is to not only provide high-quality education, but to offer courses in a wide variety of subject areas and skills you are looking for. This Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to take a course in a subject area you love. Our Free Excel courses are some of the most popular courses for people to take.

With over 800 courses, it’s hard to chose, but we have highlighted below some of our most popular and loved courses. From learning about superheroes to finding your happiness, this Valentine’s Day, fall in love with learning and enroll!

The Science of Happiness – BerkeleyX – Self Paced  

How do you find true happiness?  In this social sciences course, you will learn how to use science to help unlock the secrets to a happier life, better relationships and stronger communities with a focus on mindfulness, gratitude and compassion. 

Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel – Microsoft – Self-Paced  

Advance your excel skills to the next level. By using short lecture based videos, hands-on labs and quizzes, this computer science course will teach you how to present data with dynamic reports and presentations.

Learn Spanish: Basic Spanish for English Speakers – UPValenciaX – Self-Paced

Quieres estudiar español? In this language course, you will learn basic Spanish to help you interact with native Spanish speakers, introduce yourself, ask basic questions and conduct a brief conversation in Spanish. 

User Innovation: A Path to Entrepreneurship – MITx – Self-Paced

Innovation often starts with real people solving their own problems and innovating for their own use. In this business course, you will address a problem you or someone you know may have and come up with an innovative way to solve it.  

The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact On Pop Culture – SmithsonianX – February 16 2016 

What can superheroes reveal about the human species and our global society? By taking references from Superman, Spiderman, The Avengers and The Hulk, this art and culture course will discuss the history of comic books and the rise of superheroes. 

Introduction to Java Programming – Part 1 – HKUSTx – Open Course

No programming experience? Not to worry. This introductory computer science course will give you a basic understanding of Java programming elements such as variables, arrays, loops, data abstraction and will use pictures and video clips to enhance your understanding and retention. 

Nutrition and Health Part 1: Macronutrients and Overnutrition – WageningenX – Open Course

Our society is obsessed with food. In this health course, you will gain an understanding of what happens to our bodies when we eat and learn about the relationship between human health and nutrition. 

Introduction to Psychology-St Margaret’s Episcopal School – Self-Paced

What are the different classifications of abnormal behaviors? How do you learn? In this introductory course, you will have the opportunity to understand a wide range of topics such as – consciousness, mysteries of sleep, dreams, plasticity of the brain and the line between abnormal and normal behaviors.

IELTS Academic Test Prep – UQx – Self-Paced

The University of Queensland has over 15 years of experience helping students around the world prepare for the academic IELTS test. This communication course provides you with over 80 hours of content, covering each of the four main sections of the test: listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

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