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We love answering questions from our edX community of learners. This May, when we celebrated our 2nd birthday, Ace Spencer from Corpus Christi, Texas tweeted us the question: how much happiness do you get about sharing quality education?

Ace’s question really highlights the edX mission to reimagine education by increasing access to quality education worldwide. This founding vision guides our work every day.

We asked our edX colleague Jennifer Adams McGowan, Senior Legal Counsel at edX, what about her job makes her happy and why she enjoys working at edX.

Photo of Jennifer Adams McGowan

In short, my happiness comes from feeling like I’m making a difference. Prior to joining edX, I spent eight years working at a corporate law firm. Although I loved my co-workers and found the work intellectually challenging, something was missing.

I wanted the next chapter of my career to be mission-driven. With two public school teachers as parents, education was a topic of dinnertime conversation from an early age. It’s something that I’ve always been passionate about, as I’ve witnessed time and again its power to transform lives. And, reading edX learner stories has really driven this home for me. They are a great way to motivate and recharge during the workday!

Finally, I get to work with great colleagues in a dynamic, challenging and fun environment. Our amazing team really believes in what we’re doing and has developed a culture of shared ownership, which is very satisfying.

Thanks to Jennifer for her thoughtful answers. We want to hear from you too! Tell us how edX makes you happy or how it has transformed your life. Email your story to stories@edx.org.

By Jennifer Adams McGowan, Senior Legal Counsel, edX

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