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It was my dream to study abroad, but because of I’m from a big family and not enough budget i couldn’t afford tuition and living expenses. So, I decided to realize my dreams by being granted with scholarship opportunities. During my bachelors degree I spent summer holiday in the states by participating in an exchange program, after graduation of my bachelors degree I intended to pursue my Masters degree in the states, but was a bit late to apply for Fall 2013, but got another scholarship from Turkey to study at graduate school.

Even though my major is far from Law, I always feel close to human rights, once even got the first place in Essay Contest organized by the U.S. Embassy in Tashkent, on topic of Human Rights. Even after starting my masters degree in Turkey I couldn’t forget to study in the states, so I kept looking for opportunities and one day I found out about edX online courses. That changed the situation, and make my dreams real! I singed up for Ethical reasoning 22x: Justice course taught by Prof.Michael J. Sandel, at Harvard University. That was so challenging and interesting course during semester.

After this experience I signed up for three more courses, and looking forward to see new interesting for me courses! I would strongly encourage all to participate in edX courses. That’s a great opportunity to feel the environment of the American schools.

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