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Montevideo, Uruguay | 52

I live in Uruguay, where I am studying for my Master’s degree in Physics. I took Electricity and Magnetism on edX to improve my knowledge of Physics by accessing high quality learning material.

EdX is an excellent tool for me to improve my knowledge in my field of study. Professor Walter Lewin’s course gave me a different point of view (a great point of view!) in how to study Physics.

The flexibility I had to study was important to me. I can plan my time to watch lectures, do the homework, and think over the different topics exposed in the lectures.

The possibility to access these great courses, courses from important universities, will change the lives of those people who want more knowledge. You can’t grow if you are not in contact with people who have much more knowledge than you have. The online forum discussions are an amazing network of knowledge interchange.

This course also helped my teaching career. I teach Physics and edX showed me great new way to teach by showing me where to put my emphasis in my lectures, as well as in selecting homework problems.

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