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  1. […] Courses in the Analytics: Essential Tools and Methods MicroMasters program will be open for enrollment shortly. More information can be found at http://blog.edx.org/gt-top-analytics-program. […]

  2. Dr Agarwal

    Please keep providing online degree programs by TOP schools . Even 50 % online makes cost of HE 50 % less . Also whole world appreciates your free openedx software to develop online courses at very low cost .

    • Thank you for your kind words Mgozaydin. The MicroMasters in data analytics, followed by the under-$10,000 online master’s degree from Georgia tech on edX is an important step in our mission to create affordable access to education. Happy learning!

  3. Dear Dr Agarwal
    You did it again . I remember your saying in 2012 while getting together with Harvard for edx ” we will reach 2 billion students of the world ”
    To me most important thing is
    high quality HE to the world at low cost .
    High quality can come only from top schools
    Low cost comes from high technology .That is ONLINE today . MIT is working on more research for education technology . But MIT ‘s collection agencies do not accept donations from Turkey . I wrote to EDX several times , and said ” please convey my letter to Dr Agarwal ” But apperantly they did not . So here I am pleading you to read my letter regarding my donations to EDX .

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