Global Steel Manufacturer Tenaris Adopts edX Platform for Employee Training

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At edX, we strive to create a better future through access to quality education. We have partnered with universities, nations, and non-profits to expand access to quality education throughout the world. Today we mark another first. We are proud of an innovative new collaboration with Tenaris, the world’s leading global manufacturer and supplier of steel for the world’s energy industry.

Through their adoption of the Open edX platform, Tenaris will enhance their existing training programs delivered through Tenaris University to nearly 27,000 employees worldwide. We will also be working with Tenaris and our xConsortium university partners to develop courses specifically designed for their employees. They will also license select edX courses for use in their training programs around the world.

From Paolo Rocca, Tenaris Chairman and CEO

“Education is a fundamental value for Tenaris, an essential component of our industrial culture, based on knowledge, professionalism, the recognition of merit and commitment. This partnership with edX is particularly exciting because introducing the most technologically advanced methods of education is part of our goal to continuously improve and innovate in the training of our people.”

From Anant Agarwal, edX President

“Through this collaboration with Tenaris, we are bringing our innovative learning environment to a global corporation. The component of high quality teaching and learning remain the same, whether in an academic or business setting, and we look forward to working with Tenaris to offer world-class online training and education to its employees around the globe. “

By developing blended learning models and migrating some existing training courses online, Tenaris will be able to reach more employees, provide a flexible learning environment and improve upon current training pedagogies. We look forward to working with Tenaris and witnessing the impact the Open edX platform will have on its employees.