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Our Nonprofit Status is Core to Our Mission

High-quality education, engaging courses, diverse learners, prestigious institutions – edX is made up of many distinctive features and inspiring teachers and learners. And, there is one quality that is fundamental to the edX mission and helps guide all that we do – edX is a nonprofit.

Since our founding by Harvard and MIT in 2012, our nonprofit status has helped define our identity and been an important differentiator in the online education space. We are the only leading MOOC provider that is both nonprofit and open-source – two characteristics that reflect our larger mission to increase access to high-quality education for anyone, anywhere.

We continue to be governed by colleges and universities, and we firmly believe that our educational consortium needs to be nonprofit to ensure that we put principle before profit.

We are committed to the ideals of a nonprofit and are honored to work with many other nonprofit organizations, such as universities, foundations, NGOs, to increase access to education and improve learning online and on campus.

Our partners transform lives through education everyday, and we are grateful for their support and collaboration as we reach millions of learners around the world:

EdX being a non-profit makes working with them natural. We share the goal of providing a great education — to our students and students all around the world — and the goal of doing so in a sustainable, rather than highly-profitable, way.

Gregor Kiczales - University of British Columbia

The University of Notre Dame is pleased to be a partner with edX and other great universities around the world to advance the cause of access to education for all learners. As a nonprofit, edX puts learning-- and the opportunity it creates-- at the heart of its mission; we share those commitments and are excited to work together with edX in the service of human flourishing through education.

Elliott Visconsi - University of Notre Dame

Georgetown partnered with edX precisely because we believe the open access, open source, and collaborative foundation of edX is the best way to explore the role of new learning tools and environments in the future of residential universities such as Georgetown. Even more so, edX's non-profit mission to extend education to all parts of the world and to all peoples aligns with the fundamental values of Georgetown University's Catholic and Jesuit identity, and makes this the perfect partnership for our shared exploration of the future of new technologies in higher education.

Edward Maloney - Georgetown University

“Michigan is deeply committed to redefining public residential education at a 21st century research university by unlocking new opportunities for personalized, engaged, and lifelong learning. Our new partnership with edX aligns closely with our mission and values as we seek to create more inclusive environments for learning and to extend the resources of our university in order to positively impact the broadest possible range of learners. As a nonprofit, edX shares our commitment to increase access to high quality education, to enhance teaching and learning, and to build the strongest possible connections between research and teaching.”

James DeVaney - The University of Michigan

At UCLouvain, we share Unesco's 2030 vision for Education ensuring inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning, supported by technology, open educational resources and distance education. Our partnership with edX, and especially its nonprofit status, is strategic to UCLouvain to efficiently implement this vision.

Vincent Blondel - UCLouvain President

EdX, for us, provides an opportunity to experiment, learn, and participate in determining what the future of teaching and learning will become. At Dartmouth College, we believe that the answer to what the future of higher education holds – which will address need, access and affordability - will not come from any one institution. But, instead it will be the result of a critical mass of collaboration between the world’s great institutions of higher learning. The fact that edX is a nonprofit consortium provides us with a safe place to engage in this experimentation, doing so in collaboration with peer institutions. And, as a nonprofit, edX gives all of us member institutions confidence that practices of the edX organization will always stay aligned with our core values.

Josh Kim - Dartmouth College

On this #GivingTuesday, December 1, a global day of giving fueled by the power of collaboration, we hope you keep your favorite nonprofit mind!

If edX courses and community have helped improve your life, we hope you will consider giving back this season. Donate to edX and help support education for learners worldwide.

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