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edX: The Gift of Education

Talent is Universal, Opportunity is Not.

In need of a last minute gift idea? Donate to edX this year and support free education for everyone, everywhere. Your donation will help support our nonprofit mission and help improve lives of learners around the world. You can also invite your friends and family to join you in one of more than 800 edX courses.

Study with a buddy and together you can have the opportunity to learn something new, build new skills or advance your careers  with courses in computer science & programming, big data and entrepreneurship. Help a friend or family member pursue a lifelong passion, explore the world or lead a healthier life in courses from the world’s best institutions.

With edX, you can support free education for all and learn something new. Stay smart this holiday, and enjoy an edX course with your friends and family.

Give the gift of education. Free online courses form the world’s best universities and institutions. Share edX courses now.