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GEMS (Global Education Management System) is a pioneer in the education sector. Through their K-12 schools, consulting practice, and charitable foundation, they are advancing education for all. Every day in their English-language schools around the world, they prepare thousands of children of all ages for real world success.

Some of edX’s greatest student success stories involve young people who are attending secondary school — and even some attending middle school. While the courses on edX are as rigorous as their on-campus equivalent, there are exceptional young people who have successfully completed these courses, and we anticipate more will do the same with expanded offerings and access. EdX has already begun progress in this regard through our work with Davidson College and the College Board to create AP modules, which prepare students for college. In expanding our membership structure, we are now able to go even further. With GEMS Education as a new Contributing Member, we will be able to provide courses developed specifically for pre-university students by one of the world’s leading private educational systems with more than 142,000 students from 151 countries.

GEMS Education works with governments, donor agencies and private clients to improve education systems and provide vital training for young people in an increasingly competitive world.

GEMS Education’s first courses will be offered in the second half of 2014.

Welcome, GEMS Education!

By Dan O’Connell, Associate Director of Communications

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