Gaining Foundational Knowledge to Pursue an Advanced Degree: Meet Anthony

How did you first learn about edX?

I learned about edX from one of its founders Anant Agarwal, who was pivotal in inspiring my interest in electronics.

What were your goals in taking the C Programming with Linux Professional Certificate Program?

Currently I am seeking the open doors towards my M.S. in C.S. online. Rounding out the ‘basics’ gave me a good deal of practice towards this goal. I have a particular interest in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications. With a multidisciplinary background in Finance (B.B.A.), Philosophy (B.A.), Economics and East Asian Studies (M.A.) I see programming as an extension of that tool-set for efficient decision making that can better society for all.

How did the program help you?

The dynamic nature taught me to code in inventive ways. ‘Code’ is a fluid medium and no two will find the same solution to a problem. I appreciated the course’s flexibility.

What did you like most about learning online?

‘Community’ is always an important context, but in this case I especially liked where problem sets’ were made ‘real’ and interactive. The experience provides you with real, involved practice. The interactive IDE and online interactive compiler developed for the course were especially helpful in that regard.

What advice would you give new edX learners?

Stick with it. Sometimes it is easy to give up on a course that doesn’t ‘count’, but you will still learn a lot and that doesn’t end up in a ‘grade’, rather it is your personal experience that matters.

Anything else you’d like to share about your experience with edX and how it has helped to advance your studies?

When I was an undergraduate I never imagined anything like this: We only had ‘self-determination’ and libraries.