Furthering success and confidence at work: Meet Yusif

I stumbled across RITx’s MicroMasters program in Project Management when looking at online courses on Coursetalk – and I couldn’t be happier that I did. I was working as a project manager at a furniture company, and was overwhelmed with the responsibilities of the job because I lacked prior training in project management. I was often stressed and I approached my day to day work with little confidence. Communication with project stakeholders wasn’t very effective and it was holding me back from reaching my full potential as a project manager. That’s what ultimately motivated me to enroll in the MicroMasters program.

From day one I was able to apply the knowledge I learned in the MicroMasters courses to my day-to-day activities. The course introduced standard procedures and templates, which simplified tasks that before were complex and hard to tackle. Not only has the knowledge improved my workflow, but also reduced my stress. Communicating with clients, team members, and vendors has become more efficient.

I enrolled to get a formal education in the field of project management. Without edX’s MicroMasters program, I would not have had the opportunity to access high quality courses at such an affordable price. The amount of flexibility available with the program truly let me study anytime, anywhere. It’s a bonus that my journey to a full Master’s Degree just got shorter!

Getting to the end of the MicroMasters program, I started an application for enrollment into the advanced certificate program in project management at Rochester Institute of Technology. Right upon completion of the MicroMasters program, I received a very simple application form from the University which I completed and returned within minutes, and in a matter of days, I was offered admission. Thanks to the MicroMasters program, I was saved from going through the usually lengthy and rigorous application process.

I’ve also seen improvement in my work after completing the program. Before completing the MicroMasters program, my projects were on schedule 50% of the time. Now, 75% of them are finished on time! I can now handle each project with confidence, knowing that the MicroMasters program gave me the skills to be comfortable in my position. I’m excited to partake in RIT’s advanced certificate program in project management in the future. I am grateful EdX gave me the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills I always needed to soar in my career.