Five Reasons to Learn HTML5 Today

HTML5, the latest markup language standard for the World Wide Web, plays a vital role in modern web design and web application development. In many ways, HTML5 is arguably the most sought after skill in today’s digital economy.

HTML is the go-to technology in creating digital ads and videos that work across multiple screens and browsers. For this reason along with many others, the Interactive Advertising Bureau recently named HTML5 the new standard in interactive marketing, meaning the advertising industry will be migrating from Flash to HTML5 over the next year.

HTML5 is not just making waves in advertising and marketing. Currently, HTML5 is #1 in job trends. It is the fastest growing keyword found in online job postings, according to To stay ahead of industry trends, get a jump start on your HTML5 programming skills now and learn html!

Need more reasons to learn HTML5?

Check out five reasons to learn HTML5 below and get started today:

  1. HMTL5 is the only one you need at the party. With HTML5, no plug-ins or 3rd party APIs are needed, and it functions across multiple browsers. With fewer constraints, HTML5 lends itself to a richer web experience.
  1. Create more interactive, engaging content. HTML5 allows for easier web updates and changes, which helps generate more interactive and engaging content. By working across browsers, HTML5 can evolve more easily, adapting to needs and inspiring developer creativity.
  1. Video is king. HTML5 allows for embedded videos, providing easy access to videos for users. It supports smooth video streaming across all devices by providing native support for video and audio without plug-ins.
  1. It’s everywhere. On your phone, tablet, laptop, HMTL5 promotes cross-platform compatibility on all devices. And with HTML5, you can take the experience off line too. Likewise, using it across platforms makes it easier to build across platforms. Write one code and implement it everywhere.
  1. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Did we mention HTML5 is #1 job in trends? This industry standard resume must-have is the skill that entrepreneurs and organizations are relying on now and will rely on in the future. HTML5 is definitely here to stay and is a go-to skill for computer programmers in a wide range of fields.

Expand your capabilities, add HTML5 to your resume and stand out to employers. Check out Learn HTML5 from W3C and start learning from the industry experts on edX.