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Faiza Harbi

Montpellier, France | Age 31

I live in a town where one third of the residents are students. I found edX by chance when I was looking for online courses.

I was looking for educational material to study by myself. I had to stop my studies due to health issues 11 years ago – that makes plenty to catch up on! The way I chose my courses is a bit special: I chose those where I had absolutely no background whatsoever. It is hard, but learning completely new concepts, ways of thinking, processing data, this is what I wanted.

I most recently completed Statistics 2.3x, an introductory statistics course on inference offered by BerkeleyX. I found that I liked edX courses very much! I became very excited about my courses, talking about them all the time. And I never stop being amazed by how much I learned in a very short amount of time!

EdX has given me more than great classes. My vision of the world changed, and I have more tools to understand information I didn’t even care about before. This knowledge is priceless! Not to mention the fact that I made friends all over the world, regardless of gender, religion, or age, and that is another precious edX gift.

I plan to continue to learn as much as I can, then look for a job when my health recovers. My favorite moment of edX thus far? Singing as loudly as possible after getting 100% on the final exam of 2.3x. I felt free, happy and peaceful – it was an amazing sensation!