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Exploring His Passion for Electronics on edX: Meet, Aritra

Aritra, 18, a high school student from India, shares how edX has given him the opportunity to learn about his interests and develop new skills.

Since childhood, I have been fascinated by electronics. I’ve always wondered about the mysteries behind how they work, and why I can’t make my own devices. Due to circumstances, I never had the chance to learn more about electronics in detail. But then I found out about edX, and it gave me the opportunity to learn anything I wanted from prestigious colleges around the world — something I had only dreamed of before. I couldn’t resist taking a course in electronics.

I chose the Circuits and Electronics series of courses from MITx. I was hooked by the time I watched the first course introduction video, which said that we would learn about the foundations of cool devices, like the smartphone. This is exactly what I dreamt of learning. I enjoyed all aspects of the courses in the series, but my favorite was Circuits and Electronics 3: Applications.

Taking courses on edX helped me start my journey through the world of electronics. I even started making my own electronic projects with the help of the knowledge I gained from edX. The lab tasks in Circuits and Electronics give learners practical experience with the concepts. During the course, I always tried to make something using the concepts I was learning every day. The course helped me to understand everything much better and I developed a habit of learning by doing.

To continue my learning on edX, I plan on taking basic computer science courses. I have always been interested in this subject, and computer science knowledge will help me to succeed in more advanced electronics courses.

For me, one of the best things about taking courses on edX is the time flexibility. As a current high school student, being able to choose how much time to dedicate to the course each day was a huge advantage. I also really enjoyed the discussion forum, where diverse minds from around the world can connect and discuss their thoughts together. Helping others with their doubts helped me strengthen my own conceptual base, too.

I am going to graduate high school soon and I believe the knowledge I gained on edX is going to help me a lot in college. Circuits and Electronics has inspired me to explore the many opportunities beyond the horizon, and I am excited to keep learning!