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In 2014, the award wining podcast ‘Serial’ became a cultural phenomenon through its detailed reexamination of the investigation and conviction of Adnan Syed for the murder of Hae Min Lee. Over 90 million people heard about the twists and turns and possible flaws in the case. It reinvigorated an interest in police work and the intricacies of criminal law. But, how do we know when the criminal justice system is working well?

Join us as we explore and investigate this question. CRIME101x, The Psychology of Criminal Justice, is an 8-week online course that explores the psychology behind what makes investigations and trials reliable and fair.

In CRIME101x you will follow a fictional case designed and filmed especially for this course. Week by week, the story documents the investigation and trial following a violent crime. Additional lecture videos and online activities explore the psychology behind the different stages of the criminal justice system.

This course exposes some commonly held myths about how justice should be done and provides an overview of what the research says about the most effective and fair way to investigate crimes, conduct interviews, seek confessions, conduct a trial and jury deliberations.

Our course is accessible to all; no specialist knowledge in law or psychology is needed. We encourage our students to think critically about their input into the criminal justice system.

We look forward to welcoming you to CRIME101x, The Psychology of Criminal Justice. The course starts August 25, 2015 — sign up today and join our global community of learners as we consider what psychology can contribute to law and justice systems.

Guest post contributed by The Psychology of Criminal Justice course team.

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