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Introduction à l’astrophysique – EPFLx – February 23, 2015
From planets and stars to the cosmic filaments, from the Milky Way to large galaxy clusters, this course provides insight into the physical phenomena at play in the universe we live in. Explore the link between theoretical prediction and actual observations. This course is taught in French.

Critical Issues in Urban Education  – UChicagoX – February 23, 2015
Critical debates surrounding urban education often make major headlines, populating our twitter feeds, and sparking daily conversations. This course attacks the issues surrounding education reform and urban public schools using a debate format, exploring different viewpoints representative of how complex this issue truly is. Join the debate and gain the knowledge to address this unique and important challenge.

Trasplante de órganos – desafíos éticos y jurídicos – UAMx  February 24, 2015
Since the first organ transplantation in 1954, technology and drugs surrounding these life-changing and often life-saving procedures have advanced tremendously. However, this medical phenomenon has also stirred up many controversies. How are organs obtained today, and how can we keep this practice ethical despite the constant conflicts of interest? This course is taught in Spanish. 

Pricing Options with Mathematical Models  – CaltechX  –  February 24, 2015
Learn about the economics of risk-neutral pricing and explore the basics of continuous time-models. This introductory course covers the Black-Scholes-Merton model and other mathematical models for pricing financial derivatives and hedging risk in financial markets.  Take this course to build a successful career in banking, risk management, trading, or just to learn more about this intriguing subject.

The Civil War and Reconstruction, 1865-1890 ColumbiaX February 25, 2015
Nearly a century and a half after its conclusion, the Civil War remains the central event in American history. In this course, preeminent historian and professor Eric Foner exams the era of Reconstruction following the Civil War– America’s first attempt at developing an interracial democracy. Explore the definition of an American citizen, and the challenges that were a part of this crucial, defining debate and moment in history.

The Body Matters – McGillX – February 25, 2015
Why is exercise vital to a healthy lifestyle? How and why have our bodies evolved to move over several millennia? Learn from the leading international experts in multiple science-related fields to explore the benefits of physical activity, learn to prevent injuries, and develop an understanding of the true importance of staying fit.

Introduction to Solid State Chemistry – MITx – February 26, 2015
In this course, you will learn the same chemical principles you would in a typical chemistry course, but from the perspective of the solid state—the solid materials we use everyday. You will also discuss the environmental impact of chemical processes, energy generation and storage, and emerging technologies.  It will become easier to understand and use these chemical concepts once you can relate them to the materials that surround us.

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