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ETH Zurich is dedicated to imparting knowledge to society at large. Over the last 17 years they have produced 80 new patent applications each year and over 260 spin-off companies. As a university they are chartered with uncovering long-term solutions to global challenges, making them ideal institution for us to partner with. They have focused their research and education on energy supply, risk management, developing cities of the future, global food security, and human health. The courses we will create together will have an informative and positive impact on society and further the edX mission of expanding access to quality education.

The first course available from ETHx is a prime example of how the university translates research into action that improves lives. Autonomous Mobile Robots from Roland Siegwart, will explore the evolution of robots from factory workhorses to increasingly complex machines capable of performing challenging tasks in our daily environment. The course will teach students the basic concepts and algorithms necessary to develop their own mobile robots that act autonomously in complex environments.

Professor Siegwart is a global robotics expert, who will be able to deliver intriguing and challenging material to students interested in this rapidly expanding field. Prior to ETH Zurich, Professor Siegwart spent ten years as a professor of autonomous microsystems at EPF Lausanne (Switzerland) and held visiting positions at Stanford University and NASA Ames. As the coordinator of four pan-European projects and the co-founder of half a dozen companies he will be able to impart not only the theoretical and technical underpinnings, but also the practical applications for autonomous robots.

Willkommen ETH Zurich!

Register today for Autonomous Mobile Robots, starting on February 14, 2014.

By Johannes Heinlein, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships

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