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Esther Jose, age 16, a high school senior from Chennai, India, contacted us to share her story about how edX courses helped her achieve the highest score (5/5) on the AP physics exam.

The school I attend follows the Tamil Nadu State Board of Education, this is a system that primarily emphasizes rote memorization. To illustrate, we have books issued by the Government for each class and subject; the exams have questions only from the text given, and this encourages students to study just the given books every year, and never really explore the adventure learning really is.

Tired of memorization and studying a single book all year without really learning anything, I was ready for a change, when I stumbled upon the fact that I could possibly move abroad for my university studies. After some research, I zeroed in on the U.S. and realised that I had to write the SAT, and a few other required exams. While AP wasn’t a requirement, I decided to give it a shot. I wanted to write AP Physics 1, and found an American school in my city where I could write AP exams as a ‘guest student.’ But, I didn’t know how I could prepare for this exam. I was really nervous as all the exams I had written in school had predictable questions and this experience would be different.

I had no idea about how I was going to prepare for an exam that could ask any question on a topic. Sure enough, Google threw the answer at me: edX.

I took the AP physics 1 course by BU and ended up scoring 5 points on the AP Physics 1 exam.

Learning with edX, my experience was wholesome and complete since I had the friendliest professors, and very useful discussions.

As I did not have access to any other AP materials in my school, the course was absolutely critical to me. It also gave me an idea about how classes in America would be, and encouraged me to strive toward my goal – an education in America.

Now, I have been accepted to 4 American universities and am waiting for decisions from other universities. In other words, edX has changed my life, and I am forever grateful.

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