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Entrepreneurship and Business Management MicroMasters Programs to Advance Your Career

Why study business?

Aside from business being the most popular field of study worldwide, particularly at the graduate level, gaining foundational business skills gives you the opportunity to advance your career in a variety of different companies and industries and in a variety of different roles, from accounting and finance, to marketing and advertising. Also, salary expectations for those with a business degree rank the third highest among all other degrees, with an average starting salary of $54,000.

In today’s digital age, many in-demand jobs fall within the computer science and technology sector. However, employees with strong leadership and management skills, decision-making powers and business acumen will always be in-demand across all industries and fields.

If you are looking to improve your life and advance your career consider MicroMasters programs as a pathway to today’s top jobs. From learning how to start your own business, to gaining foundational business skills to climb the corporate ladder, to understanding international business practices, edX’s entrepreneurship and business MicroMasters programs offer you the opportunity to gain deep learning in specific career-relevant fields, recognized by employers.

Entrepreneurship – IIMBx

“The world is full of entrepreneurs, each with a potentially innovative business idea. What they need is the right skill set to ensure that they stay on track to set up and grow their ventures. This MicroMasters Programme from IIMBx is aimed to do just that and I’m sure that thousands of entrepreneurs will acquire the right armoury to transform their ideas into new ventures.”
— N S Raghavan , Co-founder, Infosys Technologies

In this MicroMasters program, IIMBx sets you up for success by teaching you the fundamentals of starting and running your own business. You will learn how to identify, evaluate and test entrepreneurial opportunities, through the “DO your venture ideology.” You will also learn the necessary accounting and finance skills needed to successfully manage your business, as well as how to apply marketing management theories and practice to real-world scenarios. You will also learn impactful people management skills to ensure, once your business is up and running, you understand how to effectively manage and empower your employees to grow your business.

The first course, Entrepreneurship: DO Your Venture starts January 5.


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Business Management – IIMBx

Interested in becoming a project manager, team leader, or advancing to a senior level managerial position? This MicroMasters program will help you develop core competencies across six management disciplines: accounting, finance, operations management, people management, marketing and business strategy. You will gain in-depth knowledge in each of these areas and master various strategies, tools and approaches for effective decision-making, which is critical to being a successful manager.

The first course, Accounting for Decision-Making starts January 5. 


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For our French speaking learners, LouvainX is offering a Management MicroMasters program. The first course, Découvrir le marketing starts January 10. 

Evidence-Based Management – ANUx

“We live in the age of big data… being able to identify, synthesize, and evaluate different sources of evidence is a critical skill for modern managers.”
— Judy Anderson , Government Transformation and Innovation Lead, IBM Australia

Evidence-Based Management (EBM) involves using the most current and best evidence in management and decision-making to inform managerial decisions and organizational practices. In this MicroMasters program, you will gain a solid foundation in evidence-based decision making and learn how it can be used across an organization. The program will focus on business communication, stakeholder marketing, technology management, project management as well as global management practices. The program will prepare you for exciting career opportunities as a consultant, business analyst, organizational analyst and more.

The first course, Evidence-Based Practice in Management starts January 31. 


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International Business Management – ThunderbirdX

With globalization increasing, more and more companies are looking for talented individuals with a global mindset. In this MicroMasters program, from the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University, you will gain essential management skills for conducting global business successfully. This program will cover people management from a global perspective, cultural differences and their impact on business communication and how to develop a successful global marketing strategy. You will gain leadership skills and learn how to adapt in various business environments. This MicroMasters program will prepare you for a career as a business development manager, account executive, marketing manager and so much more.

The first course, Managing People from a Global Perspective starts January 9. 


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