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Committed to lifelong learning and providing innovative and accessible ways for learners around the world to develop new skills, edX launched professional education courses in 2014. These courses are fee-based and designed to offer busy professionals a flexible, affordable and impactful way to continue to build skills and advance their careers without having to leave their offices or homes.

With technical developments and skills changing faster today than ever before, it is critical for professionals and job seekers to stay up to date in their fields. To date, hundreds of learners have completed edX professional education courses, using course learnings to enhance job performance or gain new career opportunities. Many learners have also earned Continuing Education Credits to fill industry specific professional development requirements.

One of our upcoming professional education courses is offered by our new partner Microsoft. Windows PowerShell Fundamentals begins April 14th. This is the perfect course for anyone involved in supporting or administering windows based servers. This course provides learners the opportunity to learn from a leading expert in this space, and offers the opportunity to earn a certificate demonstrating competency which can be added to a resume or job application.

“Every now and again you just have to stop and invest in your career, and I encourage you to do that now,” said Jeffrey Snover, Microsoft Corporation distinguished engineer and inventor of PowerShell. “Invest in PowerShell and you’ll be rewarded for having done so.”

EdX partner University of British Columbia is also offering several upcoming professional education courses. These include Marketing for Non-Marketers and Policy Analysis Using Interrupted Time Series.

Join learners who have used their edX courses to advance their careers. Kyle Mcloughlin, shared his experience, saying, “I brought Python to my company and filled a gap in their structure they were unaware they had. This never would have come about had it not been for that edX course. I gratefully count myself amongst the large number of students who have used edX to boost their careers. Lifelong education is the way to go!”

Interested in learning a new skill, or enhancing your current resume? Check out all of our professional education courses, and get started today!

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