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Whether you are interested in building a robot, preparing for the new school year’s AP courses, or exploring da Vinci’s most inspiring art, edX has just what you are looking for this week. Check out these exciting new offerings and enroll in a course that sparks your curiosity today!

Electronic Interfaces: Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds – UC BerkeleyX – July 13, 2015

From robots to mobile devices, we engage with the digital world daily. Understand the fundamentals of designing electronic machines and use what you’ve learned to create a robot of your own. Discover the essential components that make up the digital world in this hands-on course!

European Paintings: From Leonardo to Rembrandt to Goya – UC3MX – July 14, 2015

Art moves us, amazes us, and feeds our souls. Explore the history of European paintings and get lost in the inspirational works of da Vinci, Rembrandt, and more. This course will investigate the contexts of these great paintings and analyze the influence these painters had on the world. 

Making Biological Medicines for Patients: The Principles of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing – MITx – July 14, 2015

Biologic medicines help millions of people worldwide overcome debilitating or even fatal diseases. Learn how these lifesaving drugs are made in the lab as scientists use innovative technology to transform proteins into medicine. See manufacturing facilities in action and hear from pioneers throughout the field in this interactive course.

Effects of Radiation: An Introduction to Radiation and Radioactivity – OECx – July 14th, 2015

In parts of Japan, people still suffer daily effects of radioactivity released by nuclear disasters from decades earlier. How can the radiation be stopped? Answer this question and more as you dive into how radiochemistry affects the body. Investigate examples from around the world to understand the consequences of radiation in this captivating course.

Pre-University Calculus – DelftX – July 14th, 2015

Learn how calculus is used throughout different disciplines to innovate and discover new technologies. This course will ready you for university-level calculus as you master functions, differentiation, integration, and more. Apply the fundamentals you learn to real world scenarios and engage with scientists from around the world!

Preparing for the AP Computer Science A Exam, Part 2 – Cooper Union – July 15th, 2015

Programming is transforming the planet. Study the groundbreaking computational changes being made today in this course that focuses on finding solutions for everyday problems through computation. With Java, get ready for the AP Exam and keep your mind sharp this summer!

Implementation and Evaluation of Educational Technology – MITx – July 15, 2015

Technology has huge potential to transform teaching and learning. But which technologies are most productive in a formal academic setting? Learn how to evaluate educational technology initiatives in a course designed for teaching professionals, entrepreneurs, developers, and edtech leaders. Apply these analytic skills and enhance your classroom today!

Preparing for the AP Chemistry Exam, Part 2 – Cooper Union – July 15th, 2015

Perfect the themes of the AP Chemistry curriculum and have fun at the same time! You will cover subjects from the periodic table to stoichiometry, electrochemistry, thermodynamics, and more. Observe labs in practice and watch engaging lectures in a course that will prepare you for the AP exam!

Signals and Systems, Part 1 – IITBombayX – July 16, 2015

We use signals and systems everyday – from texting, to listening to music, to editing pictures. Learn what systems gather, store, and transmit information from the natural world in this introductory course. Understand the fundamental math required to efficiently process signals through examples of systems and various theorems in this two-part course.  

*Advanced Placement and AP are registered trademarks of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, these offerings.

By Mukta Ghorpadey

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