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Becoming a Better Engineer, Course by Course, in an Online MSECE Program

When looking for an online Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering (MSECE) program, Roger’s main goal was simple: become a better engineer. And in the medical devices field where he works, the impact of great engineering work is momentous. As a Principal Staff Scientist at Terumo Cardiovascular Group in Ann Arbor, Mich., the devices Roger and his team work on help sustain human life.

Read on to learn more about how Roger’s search led him to Purdue’s online Master’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering program, from which he graduated this past December.

layer “The benefits of Purdue’s MSECE program in my job were apparent from the very first courses, and every course has helped me become a better engineer!”

What were the factors that led you to Purdue’s online MSECE program?

When I was considering an electrical engineering master’s degree, I knew I wanted an online program that would work around my full-time job and family obligations. I evaluated every online program available at the time, and found Purdue to have one of the best. It was well-established, well-organized, had many excellent course offerings, and a good selection of concentrations to choose from. These features, combined with Purdue’s deeply-rooted reputation for engineering excellence, made it the clear choice for me.

Why did you choose online education? What has your experience been like?

Online education has provided the flexibility I need to maintain my job and family obligations, while allowing me to participate in a rigorous degree program. It has been particularly beneficial to have all of the lectures available on video, allowing me to go over explanations more than once when needed, and to review materials for homework and exams. Email, discussion boards, and other technologies have allowed me to access faculty support as needed, as well as interact with other students.

How has the degree program helped you achieve your goals?

In my job, I work with a team of engineers to develop life-sustaining medical devices. A key goal in pursuing my MSECE was to become a better engineer, in order to help us make the best, safest and most reliable medical devices possible. The benefits of Purdue’s MSECE program in my job were apparent from the very first courses, and every course has helped me become a better engineer!

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If, like Roger, you’re interested in becoming a better engineer and accelerating your career, start by exploring Purude’s online MSECE.

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