edX Welcomes the World Bank Group

We are honored to announce that World Bank Group, a vital source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world, has joined edX.

The World Bank Group (WBG) is dedicated to innovating the way knowledge is shared around the world and, in 2016, it launched the Open Learning Campus to provide access to all of its learning offerings and expertise. “The vision of the OLC is to become a global learning commons for international development. We will convene, connect, contextualize and co-create learning for and with our staff, for and with our clients and development partners. We envision OLC as a destination for content but perhaps even more importantly, a destination for problem-solving conversations and communities,” said Sheila Jagannathan, Manager of the Open Learning Campus. The mission behind the Open Learning Campus is in line with edX’s own, as it was created to ensure that anyone, anywhere can access real-time, world-class development content. The WBG offerings on edX are a further step in their open learning initiative.

The first courses offered by the World Bank Group are Policy Lessons from South Korea’s Development, Citizen Engagement: A Game Changer for Development and Financing for Development: Unlocking Investment Opportunities.

The Policy Lessons from South Korea’s Development course examines the unique developmental experience and economic growth of South Korea – one of the only countries to make a transition from a low to high income nation in just three decades. Developed in collaboration with Korea Development Institute, the course explores the policies behind the transition and looks at how the same economic and developmental challenges addressed in South Korea can be of relevance to other countries.

The Citizen Engagement: A Game Changer for Development course looks at the role that citizens can play in impacting public policy and shaping the actions of their governments. Learners will have access to a global faculty, as the course features content from four leading institutions across the world – the London School of Economics, Overseas Development Institute, Participedia and CIVICUS. The course offers insight into the latest research and theories on how governments can work together with citizens to improve society.

The Financing for Development: Unlocking Investment Opportunities course provides learners with access to content from international leaders on the importance of combining public resources with private and commercial finance to create solutions to help meet the WBG goals of ending poverty and boosting shared prosperity by 2030. The course provides an overview of key concepts, terminology and sources involved in financing development efforts and features case studies from experts who have implemented developmental projects with a public-private collaboration.

All three of the courses are open for enrollment today. Policy Lessons from South Korea’s Development starts on January 17, Citizen Engagement starts on February 7 and Financing for Development starts on March 1.

The launch of these three courses from World Bank Group marks an exciting start to our ongoing partnership and we look forward to sharing news of more courses in the future.

Please join me in welcoming the World Bank Group to edX!