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edX Welcomes Teach for America

Update effective July 1, 2017: It has been a pleasure collaborating with Teach for America for the past year. Our work together has helped to further our shared mission to increase access to high-quality education for learners everywhere. We have come to realize, however, that at this point we and Teach for America are each excited about different paths within the online learning space, and thus we have parted ways. We wish Teach for America all the best in their upcoming endeavors, and we hope to work together again in the future.

We are honored to announce that Teach for America, an organization that works with communities to expand educational opportunity for children facing the challenges of poverty, has joined edX.

As an education leader, Teach For America (TFA) brings extensive experience with professional teacher and leadership development to the edX global community. EdX and TFA have a shared mission to enhance teaching and learning both online and in the classroom and increase access to high quality education.

The first course offered by TFA is How to Teach High School Geometry. The course was developed to provide high school geometry teachers with the skills and knowledge necessary to engage and empower high school students in math classes across diverse communities.

Teachers who take the course will learn how to develop lesson plans and how to teach introductory fundamental geometry concepts in innovative and exciting ways. The course will also help teachers to enable their students to explore math practices on their own.

The launch of the TFA course marks an exciting first step in our partnership to support educators, by increasing access to professional development opportunities. We look forward to continuing to provide our community of learners with more resources to help improve the quality of education and teaching.