edX Welcomes State Bank of India

We’re thrilled to welcome State Bank of India (SBI), edX’s first corporate partner in India, to the global edX consortium.

SBI is a leading financial services provider in India with a 200-year history. With over a quarter of a million employees, SBI is extremely committed to planned, proactive, and continuous training and workforce development. Its Strategic Training Unit creates its own robust training and education programs, and has used edX For Business in the past as part of its training resources. 

SBI is launching with three new courses that are tailored for career-oriented learners in the banking, financial services, and insurance industries. Conflict Resolution teaches the importance of understanding conflict, emotional intelligence, and communication techniques for various situations. Unleashing Creativity at the Workplace teaches the importance of creativity to innovation, and how to foster it within your company and teams. Lastly, Relationship Marketing Strategy for Financial Services looks at the importance of relational and customer marketing through the lens of the financial services industry.

SBI and edX are both committed to creating and improving access to learning opportunities for everyone. We’re thrilled to expand our work together and welcome them as our first corporate partner from India.

Please join me in welcoming State Bank of India to edX.