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Photo: edX President and COO, Wendy Cebula, welcoming Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Founding Director of the Library of Alexandria, to the edX offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts

We are pleased to announce that the Library of Alexandria, one of the world’s most renowned libraries and historic institutions, has joined edX as a Contributing Member.

The goal of the Library of Alexandria is to be a center of excellence in the production and dissemination of knowledge, and a place of dialogue, learning and understanding between cultures and peoples. Through this partnership with edX, the Library of Alexandria will continue to fulfill its mission to be the world’s window into Egypt, a leading institution of the digital age, and a center for learning, tolerance, dialogue and understanding.

In joining the edX platform, the Library of Alexandria aims to connect digitally with the rest of world and bring the fruits of Egyptian creativity and scholarship to the new digital world of instant communications and online learning.

The Library of Alexandria will develop courses that will expose learners worldwide to the magnificent accomplishment and contributions that Egypt has made to civilization, from Ancient times to today. We look forward to sharing more news about this partnership in the coming months.

Welcome, the Library of Alexandria!

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