edX Welcomes King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

We are excited to welcome King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) to the edX partner community. KAUST is an international research university based in Saudi Arabia that is focused on inspiring a new wave of scientific achievement globally. The institution enables top researchers around the world to solve scientific and technological problems, and supports a network of startups, entrepreneurs and investors.

KAUST’s first course on edX is focused on democratizing education around entrepreneurship, with a course on entrepreneurship training for Arabic speakers: Entrepreneurship Adventures.  It is the first fully Arabic language course on edX that focuses on this topic.

The course teaches the fundamentals of entrepreneurship from KAUST’s Entrepreneurship Center, and is designed for people interested in exploring this career path. It will take learners through the startup lifecycle where they navigate through real-world scenarios entrepreneurs face when starting their business. At the end of the program, learners will have gained the skills and knowledge needed to jumpstart their entrepreneurship career.

“The conditions for startups in Saudi Arabia are incredibly favorable, and there is a huge demand for entrepreneurship education in the Kingdom,” said KAUST President Tony Chan. “We are confident that KAUST’s new foundational entrepreneurship course will help flood the market with new ideas and entrepreneurial adventures. The novelty of our first ever MOOC is not lost on us, and we are proud that it is launching on edX and available entirely in Arabic.”  

We hope this course will inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs and innovators to unlock their potential and use their ideas to change the world. Please join me in welcoming KAUST to edX!