edX Welcomes Google

edX is proud to announce that Google has joined the edX community of members with the addition of its Power Searching with Google XSeries Certificate. edX is committed to democratizing education and making it easier to gain key 21st century skills. We’re excited to introduce Google’s Power Searching course to our community of 34 million learners. 

Many people come to Google Search every day to find helpful information, whether for work or research, to check the weather, or find the latest sports score for their favorite team. With so much information online today, there are key tactics and strategies for making your search more efficient and finding helpful, credible sources. 

Power Searching teaches you how to harness and build online search skills while improving the ability to accurately and efficiently validate the information found. If, for example, you want to find all the press releases issued by a particular business, you could use a combination of commands specifying that particular site and file type to locate them in a fraction of the time it would take to search using other methods.

Daniel Russell, a Senior Research Scientist at Google, has been on the Search engineering team since 2005. The course leverages Daniel’s extensive research and experience to share useful methods that can help make people better searchers. 

”In my 14 years at Google as a research scientist for Google Search, I’ve conducted many studies to understand how people collect, organize and understand large amounts of information when they search the internet. Being a strong searcher and competent as an  everyday researcher, is an essential skill in today’s complex information environment. This Power Searching course aims to equip people with tips and tricks that can help them more accurately and efficiently find what they need to know, be it information for work, school, or the world at large.” – Daniel Russell, Senior Research Scientist, Google. 

Google is an innovator in the movement to improve access to education, and we are thrilled to welcome them to our global community. 

The Power Searching with Google XSeries Certificate is open for enrollment today.