edX Welcomes Emergn

We are thrilled to announce that global digital business services firm, Emergn, has joined the edX partner community. Emergn helps the world’s most respected businesses deliver promising ideas into valuable digital products and customer experiences faster, and is committed to sharing this knowledge with the 38 million learners on edX.

Emergn’s first course, Introduction to Agility: Beyond Methodologies, is based on its proprietary work-based education approach to building winning products, Value, Flow, Quality® (VFQ). This platform includes courses, learning materials, tools, and templates, and is continually updated based on Emergn’s learnings from real-world work and experiences. 

The introductory course will teach a unique approach to tackling Agile methodologies, including discussing why these methodologies are often misunderstood, and how to better apply them in the workplace. The course is key for product teams, but also offers new and tangible skills for people in any company department. Learners will leave the course with practical guidance that can be applied immediately, leading toward better, more impactful outcomes. 

“The past year has shown just how critical the ability to anticipate and adapt to change is to the success of any organization,” said Alex Adamopoulos, founder and CEO, Emergn. “The power of learning is core to everything we do at Emergn, which makes edX the perfect partner to share our approach to improving the way people and companies work, forever.”

Introduction to Agility: Beyond Methodologies starts on June 14th, and is open for enrollment today. Please join me in welcoming Emergn to edX!