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edX Welcomes Brown University

We are honored to announce that Brown University, an institution recognized for the quality of its teaching, research, and unique curriculum, has joined edX.

As a leading research university that maintains a particular commitment to exceptional undergraduate instruction, Brown is dedicated to developing digital learning initiatives that bring content from its accomplished faculty and researchers to learners around the world. We are honored to join together to bring courses from Brown to our community of edX global learners.

The first courses offered by Brown are The Ethics of Memory and Artful Medicine: Art’s Power to Enrich Patient Care.

In The Ethics of Memory, learners will examine the concepts of personal and collective memory and discuss the ethical responsibility associated with remembrance. In addition, the course will explore memorial culture and conflicts of memory, sharing perspectives and examples from history to help learners answer questions around the ownership of the narrative of memory.

In Artful Medicine, learners will explore how the medical community can benefit from embracing the humanities, by using art and empathy to positively improve patient care. The course will examine the meaning of medical professionalism and teach learners the techniques needed to provide a humanistic approach to caregiving. In addition, the course will help learners to understand the meaningful impact that humanism can have on clinical outcomes.

Both courses are open for enrollment today, The Ethics of Memory begins on July 11 and Artful Medicine: Art’s Power to Enrich Patient Care begins on July 18.

The launch of these first two Brown University courses on edX marks an exciting start to our ongoing partnership and we look forward to sharing news of more courses in the future.

Please join me in welcoming Brown University to edX!