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It’s Throwback Thursday! This week we decided to throw our hat in the #TBT ring with three of our favorite Course Trailers from the earlier days of edX.

MITx’s Challenges of Global Poverty launched in early 2014, and continues to have an impact. Watch the course video that inspired thousands to learn about social and economical issues, below. Join the second run of Challenges of Global Poverty, which begins February 3, 2015.

HarvardX’s CS50x launched in 2013 and is still growing strong — to date, more than 330,000 students have taken Harvard’s most popular course. Watch the trailer below, and see what CS50x is all about for yourself. Enroll in the next round of CS50x today.

EdX CEO Anant Agarwal’s Circuits and Electronics course not only helped launch the MOOC revolution, his now-infamous “Chainsaw Lecture” made waves of its own. Watch below, and enroll for 6.002x Circuits & Electronics to learn how a chainsaw can demonstrate a fundamental concept of circuit and electronic analysis.

What edX course have you taken that you would nominate for an edX Throwback Thursday? What are you hoping will make a comeback? Tell us about your favorite courses by emailing stories@edx.org.