EdX Supports Kiron in Providing High-Quality Curricula to Refugees Worldwide

It has been a little over a year since Kiron Open Higher Education and edX partnered to provide refugees worldwide with access to quality higher education. Through the partnership, edX provides Kiron students the opportunity to obtain verified certificates for specific edX courses, entirely free of charge. Together, Kiron and edX are opening the door to higher education so that refugees can unlock their full potential.

EdX has worked diligently to have specific MOOCs relevant to Kiron’s curricula officially approved by the course authors and the respective universities for credit. These MOOCs are pursued by Kiron students, who can earn verified certificates free of charge. The opportunity to pursue the verified track option allows for an easier credit transfer and recognition of completed online courses by host universities, thus shortening the duration of the offline portion of studies.

Currently, 2,700 students enrolled in Kiron can benefit from taking courses on edX. Moataz, a 27 year-old Kiron student from Syria, is one of them. He enrolled in Kiron in August 2015, and recently transferred to Kiron’s partner university, BAU International Berlin – University of Applied Sciences, where he is studying Business and Administration. Moataz had approximately 30 credits recognized for credit from the online portion of studies with Kiron, several of which were edX courses.

“We are thrilled with the success of our partnership with edX” – reports Kiron’s Chief Educational Program Officer, Scott Goldner. “Moataz is a perfect example of a student who has been able to transfer early on to a partner university and have  his module recognized. Without an opportunity to pursue a verified track and obtain a certificate through edX, our students would face much bigger challenges in transitioning to a partner university in their host country. We are thankful to edX and all their partners who generously facilitate access to high-quality curriculum for Kiron refugee students worldwide.”

Kiron students can obtain verified certificates in more than 30 edX courses. These include courses offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, University of British Colombia, University of Texas at Austin, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, University of Michigan, Wellesley College, KU Leuven, Université Catholique de Louvain, RWTH Aachen, IIMB, IMF, TU Delft, Australian National University, and Tennessee Board of Regents.

Learn more about our partnership with Kiron here.