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EdX representative Patrick Cavallario receiving the 2015 ISIC award.
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Rachel Lapal, Communications Manager

We are very pleased to announce that edX has been awarded the 2015 ISIC Award based on our commitment to innovatively improving access to higher education on an international scale. We are humbled by this recognition, and look forward to collaborating with the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) to find new ways to bring educational experiences to learners everywhere.

EdX and ISIC are aligned in our missions to increase access to high-quality education for all learners around the globe. This recognition and generous contribution will help edX further its goals to increase global access to education, improve education both online and on campus, and to conduct research on learning.

EdX representative Patrick Cavallario receiving the 2015 ISIC award.

EdX Community Manager, Patrick Cavallario, proudly accepted the 2015 ISIC Award at a special gala ceremony held earlier this month, as part of the 2015 ISIC Event in Belgrade, Serbia.

As recipient of the 2015 ISIC Award, edX will join a community of previous winners, including University of the People, International Association of Universitiies, and AIESEC. Thank you again to ISIC for supporting the edX mission to increase access to quality education.

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