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  1. Did anybody checked
    ” How many college ready high school graduates every year . ”
    3 million HS graduates.
    0,7 x 3 = 2,1 million goes to college
    0,5 x 2,1 = 1 million graduate with a BA
    0,5 x 1 = 0,5 million are underemployed or unemployed
    Remaining is only 0,5 million having a nice job for living .
    Something should be done at High School level .

  2. Dear Anant Agarwal
    Is this a good price .
    It is 2.250 $/course .
    How about Georgia Tech they charge only $ 660 per course .
    It seems you act like an OPM . Please get down the price to $ 660 . Please do it .
    I know very well the costs .
    Please save the USA . It mnay be too late tomorrow .
    Please look up Chinese . 40 million online learners this year .
    Next year it will be 100 million .

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