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McKinsey Academy’s first offering on the Open edX platform is the McKinsey Management Program – a series of courses that build specific business capabilities for participants. It is targeted at rising professionals and integrates perspectives from McKinsey experts and external business leaders from around the globe. Courses are taught by McKinsey practitioners, and designed based on the way professionals learn through practical application, from interaction with each other, and with continual real-time feedback.

We are proud to continue our collaboration with McKinsey Academy, as it endeavors to help professionals develop the skills required to address today’s business challenges. And, we are pleased to note that many of the innovations showcased throughout the edX-powered McKinsey Academy will be considered for integration into edx.org in the future.

McKinsey Academy is one of many important partners helping us improve our core platform and the learning experience for the entire edX community.

By Rachel Lapal, Communications Manager

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