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EdX is proud to announce the launch of our 300th course!

Which course was lucky number 300? IITBombayX‘s Signals and Systems, Part 1, which starts January 15, 2015. This course will equip students who have a basic understanding of calculus with a new framework of signals and systems. The concepts taught in this course are also useful to students studying mechanical, chemical, aerospace and other branches of engineering and science.

EdX remains dedicated to responding to the needs of our learners, who are preparing for college, investing in their careers, or engaging in the joy of life-long learning. It is with students’ goals in mind that we’ve launched more than 100 courses in the last three months, welcomed new edX Member institutions, and introduced our High School initiative with AP ® courses beginning in October. Congratulations to the entire edX global community on the hard work.

What edX courses are you studying? Tweet your current and favorite edX courses to us with #edX300.

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