edX Joins Teach Access Initiative

By Mark Sadecki, edX Accessibility Specialist

At edX, we value every learner and are committed to being a leader in expanding access to all, including learners with disabilities.  That’s why we’re excited to participate in the Teach Access initiative along with some of our peers and colleagues in tech, academia, and advocacy — including Yahoo, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  The group’s goal is to build global technology that can be used by everyone.  Together, we aim to grow awareness and understanding of accessibility and to support teaching about accessibility and universal design principles to computer scientists, designers and other disciplines that contribute to building global technology products.  At edX, we offer individuals, companies and other organizations an open source tool they can use to help achieve this goal while promoting best practices.

EdX has been continually improving the way we plan, design, and build our products by developing policy, training programs and development workflows that result in more intuitive and accessible products. We recognize that we need talented designers and engineers with experience building accessible products if we want to deliver a universally accessible experience to learners around the world.  That’s why we are excited to work with our partners in this effort to develop a standardized job description language that promotes the hiring of individuals with accessibility knowledge and experience.

To learn more about the accessibility working group’s principles and objectives, visit www.teachaccess.org.