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  1. Dear Nina :
    Unfortunately I have to thank Corona since it made possible thinking about ONLINE :
    I have been involved online for the last 25 years . In 1995 I was Board Member of Babson College European Executive Board . I suggested first in the world ONLINE full MBA program for the whole world . I was not accepted .
    In my country , Turkey I try to convince my friends in administration of the Universities to convert online . Hard to have them accepted .
    Now due to CORONA every body is open to ONLINE .
    Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the one of the best university of Turkey is my ex boss.
    He is very keen educator. But he did not believe online in spite of all my insistences .
    Now It is time .
    Could you help with your openedx team to convert out ready courses to online . Education is in English . No problem . How long does it take to convert one 15 weeks 3 meetings per week course ? What would be your price for it . See me at Google . YOu will understand which university I am talking about . Best regards .

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