edX Insider with Anant Agarwal

Welcome to the latest edition of edX Insider, where we give you a behind-the-scenes look at edX HQ. In this special installment, we sit down with edX CEO & Founder Anant Agarwal to discuss innovation, edX’s history, its future, and more.

What thing are you most proud of that edX has accomplished since 2012?
2012 was an incredibly exciting time, when we had no idea whether this MOOC idea would stick. I still remember when we launched my first course from MIT on edX, and our team was shocked to see over 100,000 people sign up within a few days! Since edX’s launch, I’m so proud of how many learners we’ve reached and the positive impact that we’ve had on their lives. With the close collaboration of our partners we have created a movement that is truly transforming education, and I cannot wait to see the impact we have over the next 10 years.

How will edX continue to innovate in the new decade?
We’ve just scratched the surface of the impact that edX can have on the world. In this new decade we will be developing new, innovative credentials and programs for our learners to help them reach their goals and inspire their communities. I’ve also talked before about wanting to reach 100 million learners with edX – I hope to hit that milestone by 2030! 

What are you most excited about in 2020?
You may have seen the news at the start of 2020 that edX launched MicroBachelors programs, which are the first credit-backed, stackable credential. I am incredibly passionate about this initiative, and it marks a key milestone for edX and our mission to expand access to education, and reimagine education both on campus and online.

What is one personal goal you’ve set for yourself in 2020?
We tend to throw ourselves into our mission and work, which can come at the expense of our health and personal lives. My goal for this year is to take the time to exercise at least 3 times a week.