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World Statistics Day 2015. Better Data. Better Lives.
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World Statistics Day was created in 2010 by the United Nations General Assembly and is celebrated once every five years on October 20th. Over 130 countries participate in supporting the collection and use of official statistics to inform policy decisions and improve the lives of millions.

In honor of World Statistics Day, we’ve highlighted some outstanding statistics and data analysis courses that show how data can be used to improve lives.

MITx - 14.74x- Foundations of Development Policy: Advanced Development Economics - Learn MoreFoundations of Development Policy: Advanced Development Economics is a new course from MIT that focuses on economic theory and data analysis. Students will explore methods for designing effective development policy to improve the lives of the poor. Instructors Esther Duflo, Benjamin Olken and Abhijit Banerjee will teach learners how to build and apply economic models and how to conduct data management and analysis with R software. The course is currently in session and students can enroll now.

MITx - JPAL101x - Evaluating Social Programs - Learn MoreAnother course from MIT, Evaluating Social Programs, explores how randomized evaluations can improve the measurement of social and development programs. Students will have the opportunity to design and create their own evaluations and will learn techniques for analysis and interpretation of results. The course is designed for people from a variety of backgrounds including managers from international development organizations.

HarvardX - PH207x - Health in Numbers: Quantitative Methods in Clinical & Public Health Research - Archived - Learn MoreStudents may also want to explore an older, archived online course adapted from the Harvard School of Public Health’s classes in epidemiology and biostatistics. The course, Health in Numbers: Quantitative Methods in Clinical and Public Health Research, explores modern quantitative methods for analyzing data sets. Learn how to discover patterns, analyze health data, perform hypothesis testing and much more. The course materials are available online for self-paced learning.

HarvardX - PH525.1x - Data Analysis for Life Sciences 1: Statistics and RAdditional statistics courses starting in the next two months include Harvard University’s Data Analysis for Life Sciences and Introduction to Linear Models and Matrix Algebra. Learn R programming and apply it to data analysis problems. This seven-part series covers advanced statistical concepts in data analysis for the life sciences.

The U.S. Census Bureau has prepared a fun infographic to celebrate World Statistics Day that includes statistics on employment growth, diversity, population density and much more. It contains graphics from multiple reports published throughout the year. Check it out online or download a full-size PDF. Visit the World Statistics Day 2015 website to learn more.

Infographic: World Statistics Day 2015 [JPG]
[Source: U.S. Census Bureau]

Explore additional statistics and data analysis courses including an exciting course on the data analysis and computer simulation of stochastic processes.


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