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Introduction to Graphene Science and Technology – ChalmersX – March 23, 2015
Graphene is the world’s first two-dimensional material. Just one atom thick, it is the strongest material we have yet discovered. It conducts heat and electricity better than anything else around and is practically transparent. Get to know this amazing material and gain an understanding of how its properties can be used to develop devices with entirely new functions.

The American Dream for the Next Generation – MITx – March 23, 2015
In this course, we’ll trace the history of work and employment that has made for a strong economy past, and uncover what’s gone wrong along the way. Learners will also identify careerand life aspirations and build a career plan while also learning what employers expect in today’s work environment. We will examine new solutions that fit for today’s workforce, economy, and society.

American Capitalism: A History – CornellX – March 23, 2015
By definition, capitalism is a radical reorganization of investment and work, but it is also a global story of men and women striving to build better lives for themselves and for others. It continuously creates new opportunities, but also new risks. Explore the story of the people, markets, and investments that have made the world in which we live.

Religion and Hip Hop Culture – RiceX – March 24, 2015
Forged within inner cities in the United States, hip-hop culture has grown to shape our global community. Likewise, religion has played a profound role in the development of human civilization. Explore the connections between religion and hip-hop with an esteemed professor of religious studies, Dr. Pinn, and internationally-known hip hop artist, Bun B.

The Divine Comedy: Dante’s Journey to Freedom – GeorgetownX – March 25, 2015
Follow the Pilgrim Dante as he emerges from the depths of despair with Virgil, and traverses the Isle of Mount Purgatorio. Gain an understanding of his journey as he is healed of sin, and prepares for his long-awaited reunion with Beatrice. This course introduces a mindful way of interpreting poetry, and takes a unique multi-dimensional approach to the study of Dante.

Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics: Basic Concepts – PurdueX – March 26, 2015
Today’s smartphones contain over a billion nanotransistors, allowing our phones to do amazing things with a quick touch. This course explains how smartphone technology has led to a deeper understanding of the current flow on an atomic scale. Through a unique and innovative approach, this course explores questions at the frontier of modern nanoelectronics.

Implantar grupos de mejora de procesos – UPValenciaX – March 25, 2015
Working in teams is often challenging, and requires a unique set of skills in order to be successful. This course introduces best practices and important techniques to complete group work in a more systematic, efficient way. You will learn to improve processes and prioritize tasks to work well in a team setting. This course is taught in Spanish.

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