Danaka, Advancing your Knowledge and Improving your Business with MicroMasters

UPDATED – In 2016, we launched the first MicroMasters® programs on edX. Available in the most in-demand subject areas, such as artificial intelligence, data science, project management, and marketing analytics, MicroMasters programs are a modular credential from top universities designed to advance your career. 

Today, we are happy to share an exciting update from Danaka, a supply chain consultant in Canada who recently completed her MicroMasters credential in Supply Chain Management from MITx. Danaka was accepted into the on-campus Supply Chain Management graduate program and will be attending MIT starting in January to complete her master’s degree. Her MicroMasters credential is credit eligible, and counts for half of her degree requirements.

Congratulations to Danaka, and best of luck at MIT!

Danaka’s original learner story follows this update, below.

Last week, we shared the exciting news that we launched 19 MicroMasters programs in fields from artificial intelligence to project management – all free to try on edX. To celebrate how MicroMasters programs help advance careers, we also shared edX learner, Jes’ story about his MicroMasters experience, implementing a team-wide initiative to take MicroMasters courses at his Fortune 500 company.

As we look forward to offering more MicroMasters courses in the coming months, we will continue to share stories from learners who are taking the pilot MicroMasters program from MITx in Supply Chain Management.

Today, Danaka, a supply chain consultant in Canada, shares her experience with the Supply Chain Management program and how it is helping her improve her own business and advancing her knowledge.

I first heard about the MITx MicroMasters program from a friend who was a graduate from the on-campus program at MIT. As a supply chain consultant, I immediately began to think about how I could better serve my clients if I was equipped with the deep industry knowledge offered by MIT’s #1 ranked program. However, I knew that attending school in Massachusetts was not something I could fit into my busy life in Canada.

After learning that I could access some of the very same courses taught on campus through an online program, I knew I had to try it. I started to research the MITx Supply Chain Management MicroMasters program and saw there were no initial prerequisites. A good start! Then, I saw that I could take the online programs, earn a certificate and use it as a pathway to credit on campus, if accepted. I was sold!

Before starting my own supply chain consultancy, I worked for a global management consultant firm and prior to that, I worked in a manufacturing plant performing inventory and supply chain management. Despite my industry experience, I was nervous when I logged into my first MicroMasters course. I had never taken an online course before as I had only studied on campus. I was concerned that I would lose the sense of camaraderie that comes in a physical classroom environment. After the first week or so, I realized there was no need to be nervous. The learners in the course became a community. It’s fantastic – I didn’t feel alone going through the process. The community also helps with networking – we share job opportunities and ask questions about our work.

Not only is the MITx MicroMasters helping me to grow my network of fellow supply chain professionals across the world, the MicroMasters credential will also help me grow my own business and career. The expertise the program provides will help me expand my client base, as my knowledge of supply chain management now spans across multiple industries.

MicroMasters courses are efficient, effective and incredibly flexible. I can set up my personal schedule and pick and chose when to listen to the lectures. With MicroMasters courses, I didn’t have to sit in a classroom, push off my own career and add stress to my life. Without a program like MicroMasters, supply chain managers can struggle with having to self-teach and bring themselves up to speed on their own. The MicroMasters course teams and course content make this process easy.

I can confidently say that if I had the knowledge I’ve gained from MicroMasters in my previous roles, my life would have been much easier. In the past, I spent precious time developing methods from scratch to meet challenges from metrics to optimization, but now I would be able to apply the cool techniques I’m learning from these courses to conquer those very same challenges.

After completing the MITx MicroMasters in Supply Chain Management, my goal is to apply to the blended program on campus at MIT. Offering programs like MicroMasters to learners across the globe on edX is phenomenal. I am looking forward to completing the MicroMasters program and then giving back and I hope to inspire more learners to do the same.

Start the MITx Supply Chain Management MicroMasters program. The first course, Supply Chain Analytics, is available to start today!
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