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Congratulations to the edX Prize winners!

We are delighted to announce that University of Newcastle Professors Andrew Howells and Bernadette Drabsch have been named the winners of the edX Prize for Exceptional Contributions in Online Teaching and Learning!

The edX Prize is an annual award to celebrate the contributions and innovations of MOOC teachers in the edX community. I was honored to present the award to Professors Howells and Drabsch at the edX Global Forum, which was graciously hosted by edX partner the University of British Columbia this year.

The edX Prize recognizes teachers who have demonstrated a commitment to the open and online education community and who have taught courses that continue to inspire and encourage edX learners everywhere. Professors Howells and Drabsch’s course, Drawing Nature, Science and Culture: Natural History Illustration 101, is not only beautiful and creative, but it is also an incredible example of excellent and innovative course design and delivery. The course harnesses the power of learner focused online teaching techniques, effectively simulating the experience of a traditional face-to-face studio environment for learners all over the world.

Teaching drawing in an online classroom environment presents a unique challenge, but Professors Howells and Drabsch met this challenge head on! Their course shows how it is possible to successfully bridge science and art theory, delivering innovative, online methods that break down the illustration components and theory of drawing into accessible techniques, so that learners can truly gain the skills they need to see and draw nature like a professional illustrator.

Please join me in congratulating Professors Howells and Drabsch. Their ongoing commitment to providing learners everywhere with access to high-quality and engaging learning is truly inspiring. Check out their course here and sign up today, it will be open again in Spring  2018.

To learn more about the edX Prize, please visit the blog post we shared announcing the finalists in July. We congratulate all 14 of our fantastic finalists. and look forward to sharing news about next year’s edX Prize.