Congratulations to the 2018 edX Prize Winners!

We are pleased to announce that University of Queensland Professors Blake McKimmie, Barbara Masser and Mark Horswill have been named the winners of the 2018 edX Prize for Exceptional Contributions in Online Teaching and Learning!

The edX Prize is an annual award to celebrate the contributions and innovations of MOOC teachers in the edX community. I was honored to present the award in person to Professor McKimmie, on behalf of the full winning team, at the edX Global Forum, which was held in Boston this year. The winners teach The Psychology of Criminal Justice course, which has been running on edX since 2014.

The edX Prize recognizes teachers who have demonstrated a commitment to the open and online education community and who have taught courses that continue to inspire and encourage edX learners everywhere. The Psychology of Criminal Justice is a thrilling and engaging look at the psychological elements of crime and criminal justice set against the backdrop of a hypothetical murder.

This incredibly innovative use of realistic drama combined with novel assessments to reinforce the course content, truly demonstrates the passion that these professors have for this subject and, in turn, helps to excite the same passion in learners.

The attention to detail in the re-enactment of the crime, using professionally filmed and produced scenes, effectively illustrates the core themes the course and provides a cohesive narrative for students. Additionally, the team uses a unique mix of assessments to reinforce key information, such as certainty based marking, which asks the learner to indicate how certain they are about an answer after responding to a multiple choice question. This is a technique that invites learners to reflect upon what they know and increases learner awareness about how their understanding changes overtime.

Please join me in congratulating Professors McKimmie, Masser and Horswill. Their ongoing commitment to providing learners everywhere with access to high-quality and engaging learning is truly inspiring. Check out their course, a ‘must-take’ according to one learner, to start learning today.

To learn more about the edX Prize, please visit the blog post we shared announcing the 10 finalists in September. We congratulate all of our fantastic finalists and thank them to for their commitment to excellence in online teaching and learning.