Congratulations to the 2017 edX Prize Finalists!

I am excited to announce the 10 finalists for the second annual edX Prize for Exceptional Contributions in Online Teaching and Learning!

The edX Prize celebrates the contributions and innovations of MOOC teachers in the edX community, and amplifies the powerful role that MOOCs play in the transformation of education today.

Last year, in Paris at the edX Global Forum hosted by the Sorbonne, TU Delft Professor Arno Smets took home the top prize for his course, Solar Energy, which has reached almost 150,000 learners globally and is helping to pave the way to a more sustainable world.

The year’s finalists represent a diverse range of disciplines – from computing science and business, to art and math, to the humanities. They truly highlight the diverse offerings available to learners from our partners on edX.

The edX University Advisory Board will evaluate the 10 finalists and select a winner, who will be announced at edX Global Forum, taking place in December and hosted by the University of British Columbia.

Please join me in congratulating the finalists!

Noel Lindsay

Jon-Paul Dyson and Stephen Jacobs

Esther Duflo and Sara Fisher Ellison

Roslyn Petelin

Ravi Ramamoorthi

David Jerison and Gigliola Staffilani

Rajesh Bhaskaran

John Kellogg

Andrew Howells and Bernadette Drabsch

Ricardo Ernst